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Does Our Office Need to Undergo Office Commercial Cleaning?

Having your office undergo an in-depth clean every now and then is a must. Not only because it improves your office’ overall image, but it also constitutes better well being for your employees. For years, Goldie Commercial Cleaning has been devoted to delivering top-notch cleaning services to its clients, aiming to turn any office into a spotless and sparkle clean work environment.

Develop Your Company’s Branding Image

In order to develop your company’s branding persona which improves clients’ impression, upholding cleanliness should be one of your top priorities. It deeply influences how the clients will perceive you as a whole. It could even affect the success of your business because it could greatly pose either a positive or a negative tone to your business’s total branding.

Increase Workplace Productivity

In addition to that, clean offices positively increase workplace productivity which results in greater profitability. Instead of employees wasting their time looking here and there for various documents on a messy desk, employees in a clean and well-organised office can instead focus on getting more work done, increasing noticeable profit in the long run.

Improve Health and Welfare of Employees

Furthermore, cleanliness also plays a huge role in the health and welfare of your employees. Did you know that sickness is one of the major reasons for employees’ leave from work? A regular employee fails to go to work for an average of 12 days a year due to diseases, and some of these illnesses could be due to a lack of proper hygiene in their workplaces. A typical computer keyboard alone can contain up to 7,500 bacteria. It has been reported that 60% of work absences due to sickness are caused by e-coli, staph, and bacteria lingering on the dirty office equipment like computers, desks, telephones, etc. That’s why periodical deep office cleaning is of paramount importance.

Experience, expertise, and license – these are the top 3 things you should look for in a commercial cleaning company so you can rest assured that your office is in reliable and trustworthy hands. Look no further because Goldie Commercial Cleaning is your best shot at having that spotless workplace. Our thoroughly trained and licensed expert cleaners know their way around every nook and cranny of in-depth cleaning. So if you’re looking for a dependable cleaning company to uphold a sparkle clean working environment in your office, request a quote from us today. Top rate cleaning at surely competitive prices – Goldie Commercial got your back 24/7.

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