Goldie Commercial Cleaning


Don’t stress! Let us handle the mess.
WHO WE ARE – Goldie Commercial Cleaning is a professional cleaning services company dedicated to deliver sparkling results at all times. We love making residential and business spaces spotless clean for a safer and healthier living. Our three E’ – Experience. Excellence. Expertise. – guarantee a cleaning service you’ve never encountered before.
WHAT WE DO – We clean, sanitize, and polish living and workspaces. From your ceilings to floors, bathrooms to lawns – we’ve got you. Our goal is to always serve beyond expectations.
WHY WE DO IT – We believe that a clean place is a happy, healthy, and safe space. We love to make living and workspaces safer and healthier place for everyone because we believe that it’s the kind of luxury everyone deserves.

Why Choose Goldie Commercial Cleaning

  • Established OH&S – Safety is a must, that’s why your professional cleaners always work according to the Occupational Health and Safety Program our company has established.
  • Professional Cleaners – Our team of expert cleaners is thoroughly trained, insured, and bonded. We also make sure they are complete with all the necessary licenses like police clearance to ensure our clients’ safety.
  • Consistent & Dependable Service at Reasonable Price – Our goal is to always serve our clients with full honesty and utmost excellence at honest and modest prices.
  • Emergency Response Cleaning – Need an immediate response to your emergency cleaning needs?
  • Goldie Commercial Cleaning’s hotline is always open to receive your cleaning service requests. Just reach out to us and we’ll be there as soon as we can.
  • Trustworthy – We value our customers’ trust the most. We recognize that trust is vital in this field of business that’s why we deliver excellent results at all times, in order to keep our clients’ trust in us strong and steadfast.
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