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Goldie Commercial Cleaning

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Goldie Commercial Cleaning

Dedicated to delivering that “sparkle clean” results, Goldie Commercial Cleaning here to clean your worries away. With the help of our professionally trained and licensed cleaners, we undoubtedly clean what others can’t, so rest assured that your place is in the best hands possible.
Running a business entails a lot of responsibilities and duties that need to be carried out at all times. One of these is maintaining your place as clean and as sanitised as possible. Aside from the fact that a spotless business space attracts more clients into dealing business with the owner, a clean workspace also results in more joyful and more productive workers. And who wouldn’t want that, right? You may not think of it that much, but a clean worksite could actually deeply impact the success of your business. It gives your whole place that certain comfortable, relaxed and safe vibe that ultimately radiates a good impression to anyone who comes in and out of your workspace. So what are you waiting for? Sweep your clients off their feet and turn your workplace into a spotless clean one like no other, without even having to lift a finger! We can absolutely do the full and thorough cleaning for you. Get a professional cleaning service with a personal touch from Goldie Commercial Cleaning.

Office Cleaning

Getting your worksite cleaned and sanitized requires a lot more work than just having your regular cleaners do the job. May it be a small retail business or an industrial one, the bottom line here is that, hiring a competitive commercial cleaning company always sets the bar high. You might think that leaving the cleaning to your regular cleaners will do the trick, but it honestly won’t. Especially if you own a factory or a manufacturing site, an industrial cleaning service is what’s best for you and your business.

Industrial Cleaning

A competitive commercial cleaning company like Goldie Commercial Cleaning offers a varied selection of cleaning services in order to suit your cleaning needs. One of these is industrial cleaning. Industrial cleaning entails a lot more cleaning specifications compared to simple house cleaning. It requires a full level of caution and in-depth knowledge regarding the cleaning products and heavy-duty cleaning equipment in order to avoid serious structural damages and workplace hazards. Periodical deep clean is a must for every commercial business out there. May it be an office cleaning, site amenities cleaning, or factory cleaning, Goldie Commercial Cleaning has got your back.
Another service our team offers is façade cleaning. Facades are usually made of clean stone, glass, aluminium, wood, etc. And with all the dust, pollutants, stains, dirt, and grime it is being put through every day, this portion of your building gets dirty over time, which is not very ideal for any business out there. Why? Because it can greatly affect the whole image and tone of your business. It could either negatively or positively influence the over-all presence. Plus, a fresh looking and clean business frontage undeniably attract more passers-by into entering your work premises, for it exudes a more hospitable and respectable tone.
Additional to that, Goldie Commercial Cleaning also provides hospitality cleaning and common property cleaning in a body corporate scheme. Common property cleaning includes all areas of a strata building and land property except all the areas taken up by individual owners’ lot. This only means that common properties are jointly owned by the lot owners, and body corporate is the one accountable for its maintenance which could include upkeep of gardens, lawns, stairways, foyers, car parks, roofs, joint walls, balcony walls and doors, etc. And as for the hospitality cleaning, upholding a spotless clean and sophisticated branding image for the guests, clients, and patrons is vital in the hospitality field of business. Pristine cleanliness is an imperative motivation for customer satisfaction especially in hotels and resorts. This style of cleaning requires to be executed by professional cleaners that’s why it’s essential that you get the best service in town to tend to your hospitality cleaning and common property cleaning needs.
Goldie Commercial Cleaning
Furthermore, our team also provides expert institutional cleaning and sanitation, where it covers call centre cleaning, government office cleaning, bank cleaning, church cleaning, and office cleaning, university cleaning, cinema cleaning, school cleaning. These institutional facilities cater for a large number of patrons each day, all the more reason as to why its cleanliness needs to be maintained at all times. Several other major items are large event cleaning and of course covid cleaning.
Aside from the ones mentioned above, more institutional facilities and commercial establishments like schools, shopping centres, gyms, warehouses, hospitals and clinics, aged care and childcare facilities, retirement villages and factories also require to be thoroughly handled by professional cleaners who know their way around every nook and cranny of cleaning procedures. With our services, you have nothing to worry about because our team consists of expert cleaners who are thoroughly trained, insured and bonded.
Aside from the aforementioned cleaning services, our company could also work on the following:

Builders Final Clean

Builders clean and final cleaning may include removal of spatters on windows), detailing of tiles, leveling of grout lines, removal of grout residues on tiles and paint stains from floorboards, etc.

Residential and Vacate Cleaning

Residential cleaning may include garage cleaning, dusting, sinks and countertops cleaning, sweeping, disinfecting, carpark cleaning, cupboard wiping, kitchen cleaning, shower and toilet scrubbing, window cleaning, vacuuming, etc.

Luxury Apartment Cleaning

Luxury apartments usually pride their lavish items such as artefacts like antiques, memorabilia, and pieces made of the finest leathers, first-rate glass and minerals, high-grade materials, premium wood, natural stones, etc. And a simple house clean won’t do the trick, instead, it could even harm your valuables. Why? Because there are a lot of cases where regular house cleaners use tough cleaning products, which could then damage your valuables.

Safety and Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed taken everyone by surprise, but that doesn’t mean that competent cleaning services companies will halt in providing you excellent services even in these dark times brought by the pandemic. Homeowners as well as business owners need to be more careful than ever in order to protect the safety of every individual who comes in and goes out of their property. Business owners are responsible in ensuring their clients’, guests’, visitors’, and patrons’ safety at all times. It would be best to have it undergo periodical deep cleans in order to prevent the manifestation of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and to mitigate the risks it entails to the public. With Goldie Commercial Cleaning, your property is surely in the best hands possible. Our preventive disinfection and sanitation for COVID-19 cleaning services will help you keep your business open even during this pandemic
If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services near you that could certainly satisfy your cleaning necessities, our experts can definitely help you. Our team consists of professional cleaners that are thoroughly trained and bonded, complete with certificates and licenses like police clearance. We are also open 24/7, so if you are in need of an emergency response cleaning, Goldie Commercial Cleaning is just one call away – your one-stop solution to all your cleaning needs.