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A clean house has never been more essential than it is in 2022. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re all cleaning down and disinfecting high touch surfaces and being more cautious about cleanliness in general.
Homeowners are now more educated and aware of the need to clean and sanitise their properties.

How cautious should you be in cleaning and disinfecting your homes?

Families are grappling with getting the necessities done while keeping their loved ones safe and healthy. And sometimes, mundane housework has turned into a source of worry and anxiety. Misinformation about the virus is widespread, putting everyone in danger and adding to the stress of separating reality from fiction.

While the study on the COVID-19 virus is underway, we do know that the virus is spread by direct contact with an infected person’s respiratory droplets (through coughing and sneezing) and touching contaminated surfaces. The virus can last anywhere from a few hours to several days on surfaces. What’s the good news? It can be killed using simple disinfectants. So, how does this affect your home?

To assist parents, we gathered the most recent professional information on what is known about COVID-19 as well as prevention methods.

When someone in your family becomes sick, clean and disinfect your home.

If the sick person can clean

  • Provide specialised cleaning and disinfection resources to the sick person, such as tissues, paper towels, cleansers, and disinfectants.
  • The sick individual should clean and disinfect surfaces and his belongings after each use in common places.

If a sick individual is unable to clean

Before entering the room, put on a mask and ask the sick individual to do the same.
    • To limit your contact with the sick individual, just clean and disinfect the area surrounding them as necessary (when the area becomes filthy).
    • Increase air circulation by opening exterior doors and windows and using fans and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) settings.

After meal

When handling plates and utensils for the sick individual, wear gloves.

  • Wash plates and utensils in the dishwasher or with soap and hot water.
  • After removing gloves or handling used things, apply alcohol cleanser or wash your hands thoroughly.

Proper waste disposal

  • Keep a separate, lined garbage can for the ill individual.
  • You should wear gloves when removing garbage bags and handling and disposing of trash.
  • After disposing of the rubbish, wash your hands.

Unfortunately, these higher cleanliness requirements might cause a little anxiety. We don’t all have the time and resources to complete these jobs on our own. But don’t worry, professional cleaning services may help you relax. Ask for their service if you have a busy schedule and want your space to be squeaky clean. You may tailor the particular services you need so that you only get the ones your home genuinely requires. You may also choose a cleaning plan that best fits your lifestyle, whether it’s a regular appointment or a one time clean.

Goldie Commercial Cleaning is on the front line of assisting Australians in maintaining a clean and safe environment in their homes in Gold Coast and its neighbouring areas. In addition, the company wants to transform the way people think about house cleaning. It recognises that its success is dependent on its employees, whom it values as valuable partners and invests in. The company is committed to providing professional cleaners with flexible and well paid work.

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